is a nice email service. here are some words about it:


a pronounmail account gets you a email address. you can use it to send mail electronically.


right now, we're in reasonably good standing with most of the big email providers. none of your messages should be sent directly to spam.


check out the wiki page

web hosting

you'll also get a complementary * domain, which you can put files and such in.

if you already have a domain you'd like to use, let me know and i'll figure it out

people with sites


git hosting, webmail, maybe irc, we'll see how it goes.

backup policy

user pages and mailboxes are backed up (and encrypted!) every evening (18:00 GMT/BST).

acceptable use

don't break the law, don't send out spam, don't host anything nasty or bigoted, don't upload really big files (>50mb or thereabouts).


shoot me a dm on discord or an email on email. no SLAs or anything so if something breaks it might take a sec to get fixed